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Bible Version Detail — New King James Version(NKJV)

What's in a Version? is a book about the process of Bible translationAbbreviation:NKJV
Name:New King James Version
Functional Translation (1-10):2
Formal Translation (1-10):10
Ease of reading (1-10, 10 is easiest):2
Public Reading (1-10):3
Serious Study (1-10):6
Gender Neutral Language (1-10):1
Capitalization of pronouns referring to God (Yes/No):Yes
Extensive Translation of cultural terms (Yes/No):No
Translated by Committee (Yes/No):Yes
Interdenominational Participation (Yes/No):Yes
Interfaith Participation (Yes/No):No
Committee Note:Conservative Evangelical to Fundamentalist
Translated from the same texts underlying the KJV and intended merely as an update of the language. I find this version one of the hardest to read. But if you like the KJV but would like just a little be of updating, this may be your version. Remember: The best Bible version is the one you read!

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Italics in The Voice ? The Story of Bathseba (Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2012 16:46:57 +0000)

Last week I mentioned that while I found the italics in The Voice more logical than I usually do in the formal equivalent translations that use the device (e.g. KJV, NKJV, NASB), I still found them annoying in the text. One goal of a dynamic equivalence translation is generally readability, and for me the italics tend to detract from that. Then there’s logic. Here are some examples from this coming Sunday’s lectionary passage from the Old Testament, 2 Samuel 11:1-15....

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